how can i CONNECT?

Connecting with a new group of people can be daunting, especially if you are new to the concept of church! We understand this and as such want to reassure you that we do all we can to make it simple and easy! West Wilts Vineyard Church is a great place to meet people, make friends and discover more about Christian Spirituality. You can find out more about who we are and what we do by browsing our website, giving us a call or by coming along to one of our Sunday meetings.

Our Sunday meetings are relaxed, informal, welcoming and engaging. Dress code is casual and coffee, donuts, fruit and various refreshments are available free of charge. During our services there is a time of worship using contemporary music followed by a short talk relevant to life. Children and young people have an opportunity to explore faith and develop their relationships through fun, creative and thought provoking activities. Whether you are familiar with being in church or not, we hope that you will visit us as you explore and discover what God means to you.


how do i BEGIN to get involved?

If you’re new to West Wilts Vineyard Church, we want you to know that you are really welcome. If you have browsed our website, have paid us a visit and are now thinking about making this church your own, then there are several ways to get more involved.

Newcomers Evening

You may want to come along to one of our ‘Newcomers Evenings’. There you will get an opportunity to hear about the vision and values of our community and what direction the church will take over the following years. These evenings are specifically for people who are new to our community and are a great opportunity to build relationships, ask questions and eat great desserts!

Community Hubs

You may also like to connect with your local Community Hub Co-ordinator who will be able to introduce you to people living in your local community. 


what does it mean to BELONG?

At West Wilts Vineyard Church, belonging is about involvement, relationship and a commitment to follow Jesus. We want you to feel at home with us, and an essential means of achieving this is to connect with a life group which will help you grow spiritually and develop meaningful friendships. We also encourage you to find somewhere within the church to serve and give financially to support the work of the community.


how can i GROW?

Our heart’s desire is for people to not just experience Jesus but to also grow in their love, knowledge and understanding of Him. This happens most effectively when we put down roots and commit ourselves to others. For this reason we encourage people who have decided to make our community their home, to serve others both within the church and wider community. We are convinced that following Jesus is all about being his disciple. We choose to be his students: deliberate, dedicated and devoted. As his followers we are actively learning from him how to live.

As the author Dallas Willard puts it, “to be a disciple of Jesus is, crucially, to be learning from Jesus how to live my life as he would live my life if he were me”. This does not mean we necessarily learn to do everything he did, but we are learning how to do everything we do – whether parent or child, husband or wife, employer or employee – in the manner that he did all that he did.