“Now set your mind and heart to seek the Lord your God.”(1 Chronicles 22:19)

This Sunday, the 10 January 2016, we are asking those who call West Wilts Vineyard their home to join us in a week of prayer and fasting. This month we will be exploring our call as a body of people living in the West Wilts and Somerset area! 

Earlier in this academic year (September) we started the theme “Come Follow Me”. Since we follow Jesus both as individuals and a collective - a family, a church,   we believe that we carry a collective purpose which is shaped by our calling to sow love, hope and peace within the lives of those around us! It is this collective vision that we are asking God to reveal!

To pray and fast is to seek God’s presence. “Presence” is a Hebrew word for “face”! It is a call to fix our sight, hearts and minds on Him in order to discover and hear His heart and mind towards us. Together we will seek Him for the direction and next steps of our community life.

Areas for focus we would specifically ask you to pray for are:

His heart for our local communities and our Community Hubs

The releasing of vision, gifts and talents that can help bring life to our towns and villages.

For the resources needed to facilitate our current and future projects - for example buildings.

Any other thoughts and ideas that you may like to pray into.

Throughout this week we invite you to listen, document and share any thoughts, observations, feelings, pictures and scriptures that may come to your mind as you pray. You can then share them anonymously on this wall if you feel comfortable doing so. Alternatively  you can also contact us through our email address if you prefer.

At the end of the week we will collate everything and on Sunday the 17th we will share your insights. We will create more space and opportunity for sharing in the morning service. So if you call us home - we would love for you to join us for the morning.

Excited and full of anticipation!

Come Holy Spirit!

Jason & Sam