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cultivating a deeper spirituality

If you’re looking for a more soul-satisfying and influential walk with Christ, and you’re willing to invest some time and energy, then MORPH is for you! MORPH is a discipleship course written by Gateway Church, Austin, Texas and is made up of four eight week modules:

Love God
Build Character
Be the Body
Love People

For each week you will find a short media clip, a section of reading that will get you thinking, and some reflective exercises that will encourage you to apply what you have learnt.

To work through this course you will need to complete the following steps:

Find another person or small group of people willing to journey with you in this venture. Ideally Morph needs to be completed in the company of others as it provides space for discussion. These groups will give you a forum to share and develop an understanding of the heart and essence of what it means to live a Christ centred life.

Register and create a free account at by clicking the button below. Here you can access the media element need to complete the modules. If you are unable to register and view the media links this will not affect your ability to complete the course.

People who have completed this course have found the experience life changing. The course helps to foster a greater sense of self, God, and what it means to live a Christ centred existence.


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