Sparks is a fun and age-appropriate environment for pre-school children 3-5 years. Sparks sessions are held in a dedicated room with lots of great toys and activities. Every week there is free play, singing, dancing, stories, crafts and games. This year we’ve planned for every kind of activity you can think of, including painting, colouring and sticking, play dough and junk modelling, stamping and printing, mask making, role play, dressing up and games, food decorating and face painting. Phew!

Each Sparks session is thoughtfully put together with your child’s growth and enjoyment in mind. We will use various stories from the Bible to explore God’s nature, the life of Jesus, and various themes such as creation, faithfulness, family, kindness and prayer. Our desire is that children in our care will grow to love God and love people.

The Bible stories in focus for this year will be

  • In the beginning and Adam and Eve

  • Noah and the big boat

  • Abraham

  • Moses

  • Hannah

  • David and the giant

  • Daniel and the lions

  • Jonah and the big sh

  • The life of Jesus including Christmas and Easter