Sunday Team and Serve 13 Rotas


Our Sunday meetings are such an important part of our worship together here at West Wilts Vineyard.

On any given Sunday over 30 people could be working together to ‘do the stuff’. We currently have 10 key teams: Service Manager, Hospitality, Stewards, Connect Corner, Welcome, VKids Leaders and Helpers, Hosting, Music, Media, PA.

We use Churchsuite rotas on a Serve 13 rota to organise our teams meaning we serve once a month and then one extra Sunday a year - thats 13 Sundays a year. Churchsuite helps to keep us organised with swaps and know who is doing what and when.

‘Serve 13’- Frequently Asked Questions

How do I serve in a team?
Our Sunday teams are available for all journeying WWV church members who have completed our Newcomers group.

If you don’t already serve in a team on a Sunday lets chat teams! Email for more info.

How do I know when it’s my turn to serve?
Each month is split into four weeks: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 & Week 4. You will serve in your area of ministry on either the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th Sunday of each month. For example; if I serve as ‘Hospitality Week 2’ then I serve the 2nd Sunday of every month.

But that means I only serve 12 Sundays in the year… why is it called Serve 13?
Glad you asked! There are four months in the year that have five Sundays in them. Each team 1-4 will take a turn to serve twice in a five Sunday month… topping you up to 13 weeks serving per year.

What if I am on holiday or can’t make a week I am down to serve on?
Through MyChurchSuite you can access all the contact details for all those serving in your area of ministry. Simply drop a text, email or call to someone from another team and ask them to swap for that month. We would ask each person to take responsibility for this rather than ask the team leader or service manager to find you a replacement. We also have What’sApp groups for our teams to help facilitate swaps.

How does this work for families?
Serve 13 works well for couples who either want to serve on the same Sunday or different Sundays. A couple without children may prefer to serve on the same Sunday. A couple with children may find it easier for the husband to serve on a different week to their wife so they can take it in turns to look after their children.

What if I work shifts and can’t commit to the same weeks each month?
We would encourage you to be involved in some of the larger teams that don’t rely entirely on your attendance. That way if you can’t make a Sunday the team can continue in your absence. It may be that you can swap a Sunday with someone from another team to make it work.